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Asset Management Tracking Software - WisenTrack

How Asset Management and Tracking Profits Your Company?

Organizations own many physical assets such as computers, laptops, printers, furniture, tools, and office equipment that are used internally by employees or contractors that must be returned. An accurate means of tracking the quantity, location, condition of these fixed assets is essential for companies to schedule preventative maintenance, deter theft, and provide accurate financial accounting.
WisenTrack Asset Tracking can have a substantial impact on the profitability of any company. Corporate taxation and insurance can be cut substantially by removing retired assets from the depreciation schedule. Manpower is saved through easy access to the corporate asset register, enabling staff to quickly locate and deploy assets as needed. Safety, risk and asset life are optimized through correct retirement and servicing, and money is saved through asset reuse, increased reliability and effective procurement.
WisenTrack consists of two parts
  • Assets Management
  • Assets Tracking

Assets Management Software

WisenTrack Assets Management provides you a comprehensive and structured approach to the long tail management for maintaining complete, current and accurate data about your assets for the efficient and delivery of business benefits. It provides a solid platform for maximizing assets, and allows you to regulate, manage and maintain your assets.
It provides valuable information to your Asset Manager to make proactive, informed and cost saving decisions.

Assets Tracking

In today’s dynamic environment, asset moves from one location to another location. You need an efficient, affordable tools and processes to track asset movement.
WisenTrack provides industry standard and systematic process for efficient and effective tracking, upgrading and operating your assets.

Asset Barcode

In WisenTrack, all assets are pasted with barcode label with unique identification. The barcode is highly configurable with the latest barcode technology to your specific needs. WisenTrack is the best and perfect hand for your asset manager.

Asset Manager Benefits

WisenTrack is a perfect asset barcode solution that gives the benefits for your business like
  • To maintain accurate asset information
  • To save wealth, time and effort to track your assets
  • To enable proactive business decisions
  • To track movement of assets
  • To generate various asset registers

Asset Register

Both WisenFATrack and WisenIOTrack generates various Asset Register like
  • Asset Register Asset Category Wise
  • Asset Register Purchase Date Wise
  • Asset Register Department Wise<
  • Asset Register Site Wise
WisenTrack Asset Registers are fully configurable and customizable.

Web Based Asset Tracking

WisenTrack is web based Asset Management Tracking software that ties together Barcode and browser based technologies to maintain your valuable asset information. Unleash the power of web-based asset tracking software which can be deployed in your PC, or your hosted internal or external Server, or on your intranet.
Wisensoft Asset Management Tracking solution comes in two flavors
Click on the link to know more about Fixed Asset Management Tracking Software
Click on the link to know more about Check In Check Out Asset Management Tracking Software
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